About Us

All About Agent Recommended!


Who We Are

We are a network of PROFESSIONAL, CARING, real estate agents who put our CLIENTS first.

What We Do

We connect members to help take care of clients in all their real estate NEEDS, locally and abroad.

Where We Work

Currently our main focus is in The United States of America… But not for long!

Why AR

As a group of Recommended Agents, a referral for your client is only a click away!

The HOWs

How it Works

Quickly find an agent for your relocating client that honors referral fees

How to JOIN

All new members must recommend 3 agents and create a profile. Then it's just a matter of securing your Zipcode!

How it Saves Time

Review agent profiles to match your client's needs and personalities

How you Make $

Receive 20% for your referrals. Keep 80% when you gain a referral. Of course, subject to closing.

The Benefits

ONE Agent

Don’t you hate paying for marketing only to compete against agents in your office? Not with Agent Recommended.

One agent per zipcode!

Find Your Zipcode

Do a search for your favorite area by Zip Code.  Secure it if available or look for the Zip Code(s) closest to you.

Referals are searched by City


We’ve all worked with great agents in other areas. It's time to invite them to the party.

They will appreciate being appreciated!


One referral on a $100k property  pays for more than our years tech fee at $50 a month. Receiving the same referal covers 4 years!

Talk about return on investment!


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